Sunday, March 20, 2011

Project Description

This is photo documentary/multimedia project on New England birth
practice as it relates to cultural values and belief systems. Through
images and text this works seeks to examine the ways in which systems
of beliefs intersect with health care policy, and practice in human
birth. The work explores the spaces in which American /New England
families choose to give birth, including hospitals, birth centers, houses
and apartments.

Seeking to direct viewer attention to the various ways
that the human experience manifests in birth, the work includes images
of actual birth, labor, interactions with health care professionals,
and images of families interacting with newborns in the spaces in
which birth took place.

The documentation of this life event invites discussion about the
intersection of the personal and political nature of the body, birth, and medical practice.

This project functions as both a creative body of images interpreting the complex world
of birth, but also serves a a visual archive of one of the most universal experiences of
twenty-first century New England life. This project connects to a branch of anthropology
called 'visual anthropology' defined as: " both the practice of anthropology through a visual
medium and the study of visual phenomena in culture and society." (Encyclopedia Britannica)

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